Because Spanish-speaking kids also have worries, Shrinking the Worry Monster, A Kid’s Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries has been translated into Spanish! This seems especially timely as a U.S. Task Force on Children’s Mental Health just recommended anxiety screening for all kids ages 8 and older. It seems most everyone recognizes the struggles children have with worries.

The book still has the “Introduction for Caregivers” and three appendices to help kids (and parents) understand how to shrink worries. The wonderful images are also on every page. The age range for this book is 3 to 12 years.

Worry Monster

For people of all languages, it is so important to recognize and treat children’s anxiety early. Otherwise a child’s anxiety can turn into adult anxiety and cause years of emotional pain. That’s the bad news. The good news is that anxiety is very treatable, especially if recognized and caught early. This book provides research-based strategies for shrinking worries, all in a delightful children’s story.

En Espanol

¡Los niños de habla hispana también tienen preocupaciones! Ahora el libro Shrinking the Worry Monster está disponible en español – Encoger el Monstruo de los Miedos. Este libro tiene los mismos suplementos adicionales que incluyen:

  1. Una introducción para ayudar a los niños preocupados,
  2. Dos apéndices que dan un ejemplo de cómo trabajar con un niño ansioso y ejemplos de cómo responderle al Worry Monster. (Monstruo de los Miedos)

Espero que usted y sus hijos disfruten de este libro.

Where to find the Worry Monster book in Spanish

The book is available on Amazon in hard or paperback and wherever books are sold. See author’s website for more details.

Dr. Sally is a retired child psychologist and children’s book author. She is available for events in both schools and organizations.

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