Tiny Beans, an online parenting magazine, just published the article “Why Parents Need to Schedule Their Own Worry Time”. The article was adapted from the author’s online post. The Tiny Bean editors seem to agree that good parent self-care includes parents dealing with their own anxieties. You will see that the steps for adult’s Worry Time are as simple and as useful as they are for children’s Worry Time.

The article lists the steps for the parent version of Scheduled Worry Time. Steps include 1. Schedule the Worry Time, 2. Understand What You Are Doing, 3. The One Rule, and 4. What To Do When It Isn’t Worry Time. The parent version was adapted from the author’s popular article on Worry Time for kids.

This new year, make it your parent resolution to do self-care. Starting with Worry Time–Parent Version! Your family will thank-you!

Sally Baird, Ph.D, is a retired child psychologist and co-author of the book Shrinking the Worry Monster, A Kid’s Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries. See her website at www.drsallyb.com. She is available for zoom events about anxiety, sleep, and other children’s mental health issues throughout the year.

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