You are invited to a virtual book event for Shrinking the Worry Monster: A Kids Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries, Saturday, January 9, 2021 – 11:00am. This popular and very useful book uses research-based strategies to guide kids, parents, teachers, and counselors in shrinking children’s worries. And with anxiety rising as fast as COVID-19 cases, this book couldn’t be more timely.

Dr. Sally will read her delightful book and she will share tried and true strategies to help parents guide their children through anxiety and fear. You will learn how psychologists and therapists use anti-anxiety simple tools that anyone can use. Her book includes an introduction to parents and caregivers and three appendices for kids and adults alike.

Here are samples from the book: “In the land of monsters, Worry Monster was the biggest and meanest of all. Other monsters roamed the land. The Sleep Monster. The Tease Monster. And the No-No-No Monster. But none was as large and as mean as Worry”. “Worry Monster has been whispering mean things to kids and making them feel terrible. Now it is up to Brooklyn and Jackson to discover the monster’s secret—and stop him!”

Come to our virtual reading to learn how the kids (and you) can stop Worry Monster! Use this link to register:

Who is Sally Baird, PhD?

Dr. Sally has been a public health nurse, a school psychologist, and finally a child psychologist in private practice where she specialized in children’s issues. Over the years, she noticed that more and more children were coming to her for anxiety. To help these children, she successfully used cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to teach them skills to decrease their worry. She realized that one of the main concepts in CBT could be taught in a book format and the idea for this book was born.

Dr. Sally currently writes about kids and anxiety on her blog ( and for online magazines. Recent articles have been published in Red Tricycle and Parent Map/Seattle. She lives in lovely, green, wet, NW Washington State with her husband and near their two daughters and four grandchildren. She loves to see the grandchildren, play ukulele, hike, bike, kayak, and travel.

Event date: Saturday, January 9, 2021 – 11:00am Event address: Auntie’s Bookstore, 402 W. Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

Shrinking the Worry Monster: A Kids Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries Cover Image

Shrinking the Worry Monster: A Kids Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries (Paperback and Hardback)

By Sally BairdKathryn O. GalbraithAnnabelle Barrett (Illustrator) Available on website: or anywhere books are sold Published: Village Books – November 22nd, 2019

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