At various times, all parents will need help for children’s sleep issues. Red Tricycle online parenting magazine recently published my article titled How to Tame Your Child’s Sleep Monster. After focusing my energy on worry, this is a slight turn to look at children with sleep problems and how worry contributes to not being able to get a good night’s sleep. Article was originally published on my blog.

Do you know why sleep is so important or how much sleep your child should really be getting? Can you state what most interferes with sleep (you might be surprised)? And most crucially, what ways can you improve your child’s sleep? These questions are all addressed in the article:

a) The importance of sleep in children (very important).

b) How much sleep children really need?

c) What interferes with a good night’s sleep?

d) Eleven specific ways to tame the sleep monster.

Anyone who has witnessed their child lay awake at night will appreciate the tools offered here. And the ways to tame the sleep monster also work for adults! So for anyone with sleep concerns (that might be all of us!), take a peek at this new article.

Sally Baird, PhD is a retired child psychologist and co-author of a new book titled Shrinking the Worry Monster, A Kids’ Guide for Saying Goodbye to Worries. See her website at If your child has worries about COVID-19, you may want to read Dr. Sally’s blog on helping kids who worry about the pandemic, school, illness, and so much more!

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